How to hire a janitorial company

When starting the process of contracting a Janitorial Service Company, you should have clear idea of three general stages involved in the process. The first stage is defining the scope of work, budget, and general needs you want to satisfy with the janitorial service. The second one is where and how find qualified Janitorial Providers. Last but not least, is to determine which company can satisfy your expectations.

Scope Of Work

  1. What do you expect from your janitorial company?
    1. Service
    2. Customization
    3. Environmentally Friendly (Green)
    4. Safety procedures
    5. Price/Value It will help you to determine what kind of janitorial company you are looking for.
  2. Determine the scope of work
    1. Square footage of your property
    2. Areas to be cleaned: Entrance Area, Kitchen Areas, Lavatories, Corridors
    3. Services required:
      1. General Cleaning,
      2. Steam Carpet Cleaning,
      3. Floor Stripping and Waxing,
      4. Upholstery Steam Cleaning,
      5. Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning,
      6. Pressure Washing If you don’t have this information, don’t panic, your Janitorial Service Provider can help you make a cleaning plan that suits your facility.

Looking For Janitorial Companies

3. Search for Janitorial/Commercial Cleaning Companies registered in Buyers' Guides or local directories. Here are some of the most relevant sites to contact a potential Janitorial Provider.

    1. BOMA Buyers' Guide: A guide where you can find Building Service Contractors (BSCs).
    2. Buyerzone: A site dedicated to connecting commercial Buyers and Sellers.
    3. Local Yahoo: Information about services, and events in your area.
    4. Google maps: Information about services, and events in your area.
    5. The Bluebook: Industry source of regional, categorized construction information.

Selecting A Janitorial Company

4. Ask for a free consultation and for a free estimate. Don’t pay for an estimate you can get free.

5.Request between 3 and 4 proposals. Beware of prices too high and even more concerned if prices are too low. More times than not, providers with prices too low will show lack of work quality, no insurance coverage, and no supervision. Pay attention to the companies’ customer service, response times, and scope of work.

6. Review websites of your potential providers. It will give you more information about the company you are considering hiring. In most websites you will find company history, services, and a look and feel of the company. It is also important look at the organizations they are members of. BSCAI and BOMA are some of the most recognized organization in the industry. Search in or for information about the company, it will help you confirm the information provided by the company.

7. When you receive their proposals, they should contain:
    1. The cost of the project
    2. Activities performed by area and frequency
    3. Phase-In Plan
    4. Key Handling and Security Procedure
    5. Insurance and Bond Information.
    6. References (Crucial)
    7. Dates, hours, and locations.

8. Make sure your business is important to your potential provider. It is best if your provider serves the companies of your size and industry.

9. Review Insurance and Bond coverage.

10.Confirm references. Current customers can give you a better understanding about the company you are planning to contract.

11.Determine who will provide the cleaning equipment and supplies. If you require green cleaning services keep in mind green cleaning is much more than using green cleaning materials.

12.Make sure your contract has a satisfaction warranty. Ask for monthly contract automatic renewal, it gives you the flexibility to change your janitorial company if you are not satisfied with the service.

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