At Fresco Cleaning Services, we understand that every facility faces different cleaning challenges. We have therefore developed customized cleaning solutions to help our clients effectively deal with the daily challenges of maintaining facilities in optimal conditions.


Our client, One of the most important and recognized Academic institution of its kind, acquired its new facilities in the heart of Washington DC. The new property brought with it new requirements and challenges for the Institution.

Finding the right commercial janitorial company in Washington DC to take over caring and maintaining one of the most important investments of the Center became the first priority of the client. They were looking for a company who could not only satisfy the requirements of their office facilities but also could perform the maintenance of Academic facilities and accomplish setup and cleaning requirements of professors, students and staff.

We developed a complete and personalized maintenance program, based on identifying the 2 simultaneous challenges that our client faced, and linked to the ideal cost effective solution. Since that time we have built a relationship based on our excellent customer service, which comes from strong communication, well-trained employees, continuous follow up, and thoroughly customized cleaning programs.

FRESCO has also recommended solutions into our area of expertise. Subsequently, we proposed, developed and implemented a successful recycling program inside the institution.

FRESCO continuous successful servicing our client’s current facilities has lead to an invitation to serve the upcoming properties that will be delivered in 2010.


One of the oldest and prestigious associations of lawyers located in Washington D.C. was renovating its facilities; a 3 story building consisting of 14.000 sq ft of space.

The association was looking for a company who could accomplish the challenges of managing the construction cleanup of the renovated property; who could develop a personalized cleaning plan, and deliver the proper and specialized cleaning of the renovated facilities.

Our company fulfilled not only all the requirements of construction cleanup but also the requirements of the property manager who was looking for a company to perform the daily cleaning of the property.
Since the Association began operations in its renovated building, we have satisfied the cleaning requirements of customers, office staff and operations staff.


Our client, a medical facility building located in Laurel Maryland had been experiencing a long period of dissatisfaction with janitorial companies. The institution had switched janitorial companies many times within a period of a few months and still did not receive the results they desired.

This problem turned into a critical issue for the administration staff; a problem which had to be resolved immediately. They needed a company flexible enough to evaluate and to deliver the best solution in record time.

The supervisor got in touch with FRESCO to express his requirements. We understood the key requirements and developed a solution in the precise way they needed.
Since then FRESCO has served this client like no other company had before.
We have satisfied the commercial janitorial needs of this building and its 12 tenants which include diagnostic offices, internal medical practices, community physicians, physiotherapy practices, and general and vascular surgery practices.It is through our quality of service, our expertise in healthcare facilities and customized janitorial service that our clients janitorial cleaning needs are completely satisfied.


Our client not only had to deal with day to day academic facilities but also had to maintain its building office in a clean and healthy state.

FRESCO identified this opportunity and delivered a complete and personalized service plan which included a wide range of services such as office cleaning, carpet cleaning, day porter, light maintenance and a special recycling program designed to satisfy the particular requirements of the client.

FRESCO has brought multiple benefits to this client’s operation. Each staff member inside the company has been educated in recycling culture thanks to the program designated and implemented by FRESCO Cleaning. Staff members maintain a continuous and direct communication with our Key Account Manager, allowing us to maintain personalized and timely services, meeting the different requirements for everyone inside the organization, and exceeding the expectations of our client. This client has also recorded significant savings in maintenance operations through utilizing our Porter services. 
FRESCO continues delivering the best service to our client, making their operations run more smoothly and efficiently.