Our clients receive personalized service in which they are assigned a local key account manager whose responsibility it is to guarantee all janitorial, maintenance, and special requirements are accomplished.


Our clients are given a customized service plan in which operation, schedules and procedures satisfy the requirements of the facility’s activities and events



Having a key account manager, each client is guaranteed a high degree of professional communication. Your key account manager will be available at all times to answer any questions or handle any requests. These managers have the authority to assign and control resources, and deliver solutions in timely manner to satisfy our clients.



The talent of our staff has proven itself time and time again. Staff members are continuously challenged to attain the highest levels of excellence by being consistently trained not only to improve cleaning techniques and safety procedures, but also to better their communication and customer service skills.



The flexibility that we have allows us to quickly make decisions, assign resources, lead staff members, coordinate and deliver solutions in record time to satisfy our clients.



Due to our consistent training of staff with a high standard of work ethic, and our use of the best quality materials and equipment, rigorous procedures and excellent management of projects, our clients are guaranteed the highest quality of work completed in their institution.



We see our clients as partners. Our business is to contribute to our client’s business. We do this by offering a complete service, from cleaning construction projects to recycling programs. We also work to establish open and strong communication with all the staff, work from a rigorous checklist, and appreciate continuous feedback from our clients.